Providing an Efficient Tile Removal Service in Oxford, Oxfordshire

To ensure our services match your budget, we offer a tile removal solution, in which our team remove the tiles, felt, and batons from your roof, and replace them with a breathable membrane. You can count on us for a hassle-free service as we cater to your needs. Based in Oxford, Oxfordshire, we deliver you an unparalleled service.

Under Tile Replacement

To remove your tiles safely, we install scaffolding around your property. Once we have removed the tiles, felt and batons, we replace them with a breathable membrane and new batons. Where possible, our roofers replace the tiles and slates with the same ones, and when the tiles cannot be reused, we install new ones. After this, we concrete the new tiles and valley in place.

Under Tile Replacement Guarantees

In a similar instance to our flat roofs, and new roof installations, we offer a guarantee with our under-tile replacement service. A 15-year guarantee is offered with this service, so you are covered for almost any eventuality!

Removing Rubbish

Upon completion of the project, we remove all rubbish from your property. Plus, our skilled roofers have many years of experience in this industry, so when you contact us about our solutions, you receive an excellent service and a quality roof.

Contact our roofers in Oxford, Oxfordshire, about our tile remove service, and why we install breathable membrane.

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